What to Do if you Still Love Your Ex In 5 Simple Steps

Let’s face it  Unrequited love is one of the worst feelings there is.

Especially if you are suddenly faced with fait accompli and are suddenly single. Your ex has moved on emotionally, but you still love him and are downcast.

This is normal, even if it is not nice. That’s why we’re giving you 5 tips to help you get over your ex!

1. Leave The Victim Role

He has been thinking about you for a long time and finally created you from fait accompli.

Maybe you have guessed that something is wrong and yet the separation comes suddenly. Of course it hurts and shifts your balance of power at least temporarily.

For while he already knows how it will continue for him after the breakup, you first have to deal with the new situation, your emotions and completely new orientated.

Collect and sort both your thoughts and your feelings. Whining and self-pitying will not help you in the long run.

Neither if you take him back, nor if you want to get over him.

Give yourself back soon after the breakup and do not wear your broken heart outward. A confident character helps you get over the emotional pain faster and quickly gives you many new, interesting contacts.

2. Absolute Radio Silence

This is probably one of the hardest points after a breakup: Do not contact the ex anymore.

No calls, no text messages, no browsing through his social network profiles.

If this contact seems almost unbearable, write letters instead, but do not send them off. Keep everything that you like to tell him in a journal or ask a friend if you can always call her if you really want to dial his number ,

And if he answers first?

Then it depends entirely on you whether you still want to have contact with him at all.

If you want him back, just answer the phone when he calls, but do not give in and get ready for anything.

You can not forget all your pain at the touch of a button and be back on Cloud 7 as soon as he comes crawling. Sooner or later, the offense of separation would catch up with you even after a reconciliation and plunge you into a hole.

3. Be Independent

Do not stay on your phone day and night, hoping that he will log in or be the first to see if he has changed his status or profile picture.

You do not have to be available for him around the clock.

He answers when you are in the bathtub? Do not jump hastily to get there in time. Enjoy your bubble bath in peace and quiet.

He will try again if it was important. Through your self-confident and independent appearance you symbolize him that the separation has not completely thrown off track and immediately arouses the interest of his turn.

Because you automatically attracted to the people who go through life in a good mood, happy and carefree.

Especially if you want to take him back, your chances are much better if he (again) has to fight for you and your favor, so that he realizes that his final stroke was a big mistake.

4. Stay Polite and Nice

He broke your heart and you would like to tear him up in the air.

What could be more appropriate than to avenge himself, to make him look bad to others, or even to reveal embarrassing and intimate details about him?

But that will bring nothing but trouble! Not only that, you are exposing in front of everyone how worthless you feel without him, because women with self-esteem maintain a sensible relationship.

On the other hand, you must not forget that you too are not perfect. So if you just want to ask him, consider that he could do the same to you …

And if it even escalates into a mass war of roses in the public, do not be surprised if many will distance themselves from the circle of friends. Because nobody wants to be part of such a mud fight.

That’s why you should stay cool, even if it’s hard for you sometimes. Inhale, exhale, carry on!

5. Do Not Play Games

Some women rush right after a split from one affair to the next.

Some take this step to distract themselves from their pain and to experience a kind of esteem by someone. The others hope to make their ex frantic with jealousy.

Because appreciation and confirmation should come from yourself.

Both will hardly be crowned with success. No one-night stand can save you from your grief.

Nor will your ex want you back to bending and breaking when you go straight to bed with the next best, barely out of the door.

Conclusion: Develop Yourself

He is gone. After a few days of sadness and disorientation, it’s time to get to know the benefits of your regained freedom.

Treat yourself to a hairdresser’s visit, go shopping, decorate your home. In the relationship you have often had to compromise, that’s over now. You can do whatever you want.


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