10 Rules of Successful People

Many people want to succeed in their lives, but that is easier said than done. You keep hearing about the golden rule and everyone has their own theory, which is supposedly the key to true success.

But is that really as difficult as it seems? On closer consideration, I must confess: No!

You just have to take a close look. If you look at the most successful people in the world, they all follow a few chosen basic rules. If you follow these, your chance of success will begreatly increased:

1. Let yourself be guided by your inner values

Long term success is only possible if your goals are rewarding for YOU.

2. Live right now and use it too

A life with attitudes like “could have, should do, would happen if ..” is not promising. Have it, do it and do it. Now!

3. Watch your self-image

That’s what you hold yourself for, so avoid comparison with other people.

4. Believe in your abilities

Find your inner voice and express it, even if it makes no sense to other people. Follow your instinct!

5. Success is Both a Journey and a Destination

Everything you learn on your way is an important prerequisite for the end result.

6. Demand Whatever you Want, But Do not Let it Devour You

Measure and goal are 2 important factors in life.

7. Your Life is Writing its Own Record

Read the testimony of your qualities, achievements and qualifications carefully. If you do not like what you see, then change it. And immediately!

8. Work On the Meaning Of Your Daily Life

Think and work outside limits and limitations. This often opens up completely new perspectives and goals.

9. “Do as if …” Even if You Have Not Reached Your Goals Yet

Your subconscious mind knows no difference between reality and “just pretend”. When you make it real in your mind, it’s easier for you to make things happen.

10. It’s Your Life … Respond Quickly to Your Emotional, Mental, Emotional and Physical Needs

Inner balance is the foundation for true success.


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