The Secret Of True Love

The boundaries are already there, within us, built from childhood, when we learn that we end up where the other begins.

When you look at the Earth from above, you see an endless expanse of water, mountains, fields or desert. And at night, millions of lights light up in the darkness. You don’t see a trace of a border, do you? Each form of relief flows harmoniously into the other. And yet, we live our lives across borders.

Now at maturity, especially nine women are told that we must establish healthy boundaries, not let anyone enter with our boots in our soul. But the borders are already there, inside us, built from childhood, when we learn that we end where the other begins. And that the love of others towards us ends where we do not live up to their expectations or do not please them.

We live between the borders of countries and cultures, we identify with symbols and beliefs that make us believe that others are better or less good than us. We live behind the walls and locked doors to guard ourselves from intruders and evildoers.

We live between the boundaries of our soul, which makes us, involuntarily, have the feeling that we are separated from each other when, in fact, we are not energetically.We live between the boundaries of the sex in which we were born, assuming the position of victim or aggressor, treating the one next to us as a potential enemy. Both sexes, male and female, are so caught up in defending their point of view and their individuality that there is little room for love and connection.

We live between the boundaries imposed by the walls we raise around our heart that longs to inspire and expire love. In his book, “The Keys to the Genes,” Richard Rudd writes that peace is made in our lives as soon as the borders dissolve and that this is the true nature of humanity. But for this you need emotional maturity, to have the capacity to remain conscious and to observe even in the deepest states of emotional disorder. To know how to be honest in the right way in the right way.

Only when we give up walls and borders of any kind does our heart open. And only then can we have a harmonious intercourse with others and find true love.


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