The 3 Reasons Why Many Men are Afraid Of Love & What You Can Do About it

There are many different reasons why men are afraid of love.

In many cases they have been disappointed in the past, one way or the other. In this article, you’ll learn the 3 reasons why it’s common for men to not feel ready for a relationship and what you can do about it. 

Fear of being hurt

When men are afraid of love, they often stand in their own way.

Often they are afraid of rejection. That would be a disaster for her. Your self-esteem would be just a piece of shit after that.

Anyone who has ever had a heartache knows how much a lost love can hurt. Many men do not like to show their feelings. They do not want other people to see them suffer when a relationship breaks down.

That’s why they do not go for it right from the start. If you do not get too close to yourself, you can not be hurt.

Freedom and individuality

A relationship can turn your past life completely upside down.

One is always forced to compromise. In addition, you have to justify yourself for his actions and actions.

Many men are not ready to give up their independence and freedom. They want to stay free and enjoy life as they see fit.

If you meet a man whose freedom is very important to him, it will be hard to tie him to you. If it is not too late, you should try to develop no great feelings for him.

The danger is too great in such a love affair, that the man decides against a firm relationship. It will be more important to enjoy its spontaneity and freedom.

Afraid to miss something

The same is true of men who like to experience a little adventure. Even if they develop feelings for a woman, they will have a relationship.

Men who like to flirt often fear that they might miss something in the future.

If a man is afraid of a relationship, he will certainly say “I’m not ready for a new, steady relationship” or “I need some more time.”

It will be up to you in this case if you want to grant him this space for a while. Sooner or later, however, the man should have to choose between individuality and freedom.

But remember … separation fears can have a blocking effect

Anyone who has been single for a long time and has finally found a suitable partner quickly gets scared at the thought of losing his love again.

If the self-confidence of a man is not strong enough, he often suffers from anxiety. The biggest fear is to disappoint other people.

The so-called separation anxiety ensures that one feels as not lovable but as a failure.

For many men, that’s a good reason not to get involved in a relationship. Thus, they prevent in advance that they do not have to return their own self-image with difficulty.

What can you do against this fear?

Fears are one of the primal instincts of a human being. They protect us from being hurt and disappointed.

Men who are afraid of a relationship prevent themselves from being happy. If men want to fight against these fears, they first have to learn to love themselves.

Because only those who are satisfied with themselves are no longer afraid to disappoint other people.

Those who are afraid of love should first allow their love for themselves.

After that, it is easier not to wonder why someone fell in love with you. If the fear is based on an injury or bad experience, men should ask themselves where they themselves have seen the problem of the last relationship.

Only when an old relationship has been worked up is there enough space and freedom for a new bond.

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In some cases, a man’s attachment anxiety is based on childhood experiences.

Did the parents argue a lot at the time? Or was the man taught as a child that you have to earn a love first?

Then it’s no wonder why he finds it difficult to get involved in a relationship. In this case, joint discussions can help to gradually reduce fears.

But you have to be patient and not put too much pressure on him to win his heart …


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