22 Tips to Make You Alert and Fit

You need energy to do your job or tackle your goals, but when it’s bad, it’s often missing. That’s why here are 22 tips that bring more energy into your everyday life and immediately make you wide awake and fit.  

I am firmly convinced that life can always go uphill. Regardless of how you feel right now, things can get better again. And to make it better for you, I’ll give you lots of suggestions on how to change your life and make a new start .

But any change requires that you bring the necessary energy for this change.

We can still be so motivated. Our goals can be so clear before us. If we have no energy, we will not realize it.

Without energy everything stays the same.

Energy is vital!

Energy Thieves

But especially when we are sad, stressed, overburdened or desperate we mostly miss that energy. Since everything is bad anyway, we pull ourselves back more and more to the point where we just want to hide from the world.

Crises are therefore accompanied by a lack of energy.

Depression, for example, are characterized: applicable by listlessness from. This can be so severe that those affected can not even get out of bed or are unable to maintain their personal hygiene, because even going to the bathroom becomes a thing of impossibility.

A terrible condition. But to change something we need energy again.

So where do you take it from?

Energy gets our body primarily from the food that we feed it. But adequate sleep and regular exercise are necessary to energize our body.

If you feel powerless and energyless for a long time, it’s worth taking a look at your diet. Many could activate completely new energy reserves by changing their diet.

If you are sleeping badly, are often awake, have difficulty falling asleep, or are simply not getting enough sleep for a long time, you also need not be surprised if you are unbalanced and tired during the day.

Lack of sleep also leads to concentration and attention problems.

Tips for a balanced diet, healthy sleep or exercise you can find on the Internet or at your health insurance to heaps.

22 tips for more energy

But today I would like to take a step ahead and give you tips that will give you new energy immediately. You can do these little energy boosters anytime. You are not dependent on the help of others and all the tips suggested here, you can use for free (or beyond your normal food budget) implement.

Above all, the following 22 tips offer you a way to get more energy within a few seconds or minutes. So you do not have to invest days or weeks, you see immediate results.

I hope that the tips will help you find new energy. So that you can finally tackle all the other things in your life that are so eagerly awaiting.

Ready? Then it starts now with my 22 tips for more energy immediately!

1. Breathe in the open window

My go-to solution when I need more energy and a clear head in between. Open your window, lean out and breathe consciously and deeply 3 times – and off. This floods your lungs with oxygen and gives you (especially in the colder season) an absolute freshness kick.

By the way: Always make sure to let fresh air into your office / apartment regularly.

2. Take Upright Posture

When we feel tired, chipped off and finished, we pull our heads in, make a hunchback, tense our necks and fold our brow. Our mood influences our posture. In turn, our posture can also influence our mood.

If you need more energy, straighten up, stretch your back, raise your head, lower your shoulders, and you’ll see more determination immediately spread through you.

3. Go for a Walk

The absolute classic among the energy kicks. Close the laptop, go outside and move in the fresh air. This pumps your lungs, increases the concentration of oxygen in your blood, and instantly awakens you.

4. Sing

If you can afford it (or a low threshold of shame), make a song in between and sing along. Ten to 15 minutes of singing and trolling are enough to get the cardiovascular system going. You become fitter and happier.

5. Indulgence in anticipation

Anticipation is actually the best pleasure. All you have to do is think about a positive experience in the future (eg a holiday or a dinner with friends) and imagine it in all its details. Brings pure energy and joy.

6. Refresh yourself with Cold Water

The method for the hard-boiled in the summer is a welcome refreshment for all. Simply shovel cold water into your face with two hands or cool down to pulse, elbows and neck in the summer. This stimulates circulation, helps you clear your mind, and makes you alert.

7. Stretch yourself

You can even do this exercise while sitting right in front of your PC. But better, you get up for a moment, pull your hands up and stretch and stretch as you please. Calmly make the face too big faces. Get as big as you can and then try to reach the ground with your fingertips. Swing your hips, let your shoulders circle and also rotate your wrists. This helps your seat-plagued body remember that it’s actually made for something else.

8. Let the Sun Shine in your Face

If the weather permits, let the sun shine in your face for a few minutes (also through the closed windows). This releases vitamin D, which as a natural antidepressant immediately lifts your mood.

In addition, sunlight suppresses the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is released when we spend the whole day in closed, dark rooms. A few minutes of sunlight will give you new energy immediately.

9. Laugh

Laughter is an absolute freshness cure for body and soul. It gives new energy, releases happy hormones and fights stress. So take time to watch something funny every day.

You are not in the mood for it? No problem. Just pretend the smile. The pure movement of the mouth when smiling signals to our brains that we are happy, whereupon the brain reacts with the release of the happy hormones endorphin and serotonin. More about the benefits of laughter .

10. Put on your Favorite Song

The right music immediately sets our bodies in motion. Unconsciously, we pedal in time with the music and simply can not escape the rhythm. Take advantage of this by putting up proper mood music in between and pushing your energy level.

11. Power Cap

At first glance, sleep does not seem like an energy booster, but it can do just that. For example, a short nap can improve your cognitive abilities, your creativity, your memory, and give you new energy.

But you should not sleep too long for that. 10-20 minutes are perfect.

12. Drink Ginger Water

Ginger is an absolute power food. It not only strengthens the immune system, but also promotes blood circulation, stimulating and stimulating. An absolute pick-me-up, then.

13. Suspend your Routine

Although routines are very valuable for our time management and pursuit of goals, they can sometimes become very boring. To bring a fresh breeze into your everyday life, it is worthwhile to break old habits and consciously do things differently.

You can, for example, take a different route to work, brushing your teeth with the left instead of the right hand, or try a new recipe for dinner.

14. Focus on Positives

If I keep in mind all my problems and construction sites, my motivation will drop instantly and I just want to hide. On the other hand, if I focus on what I have already done or on what I enjoy about my work, I can draw a lot of energy out of it to continue.

15. Take a Break

Time management pros recommend working around every 90 minutes for a break of 5 to 10 minutes at work. You can use the break to stretch, play music, relax your eyes, sip your favorite drink or have a chat with your colleagues.

16. Drinking

And water (a rascal, who thought of something else here). Our body needs water to function.

And much of it. 2-3 liters should be in an adult person.

If you do not give enough water to your body, lack of motivation and concentration problems are the result. That’s enough of a slight dehydration, which you can tell by the way that you’re thirsty. So it’s already too late.

Therefore always put a bottle of water next to your workplace and make sure to drink regularly.

17. Try to Get fit

A sense that we like to neglect in everyday life is the sense of smell. He can give us so much. Sniffing on a lemon or orange will increase your energy level instantly.

You can also take advantage of this effect by placing a fragrance lamp with essential oils in your room. Especially lemon and orange, but also rosemary, basil and peppermint make you fit in a jiffy.

18. Bite into a Lemon

For advanced users, I recommend this tip: Instead of just savoring the lemon, bite into it. I guarantee you that you will be wide awake in seconds.

19. Relax

Why relax, if you really want more energy? Similar to power mapping, our fatigue often comes from too much stress.

If we counteract stress through targeted relaxation, then we have more energy for our tasks again.

20. Dance

There is hardly a better way to release energy and happiness hormones and to shed stress. Just get up short, turn on music and dance wildly and wildly around the room. Taylor Swift provides the perfect tutorial in her song (and music video).

21. Knead your Ears

I did not know this tip before, but found it so unusual and interesting that I wanted to give it to you. There are apparently important energy pathways along our ears that we can stimulate by kneading the edge of our ears vigorously with our thumb and forefinger for a good minute from the earlobe to the top. This invigorates and stimulates blood circulation!

22. Snack up

Sure, the chocolate bar will give you new energy right away, but will soon sink you to an even greater low. Better is a combination of complex carbohydrates and proteins, which donate energy without raising your blood sugar in the air. An ideal snack is, for example, bananas or nuts.

Already the writing about these 22 energy boosters made me awake and fit. However, I also drank lemon water, Taylor Swift’s song trembling in front of me and massaged my ears in between.

What you do not do everything to help you and me to our best and best life?

Which tip for more energy will you try? Which tip works best for you? And what other tip can you recommend us?


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