How to Make you Wish: 10 Attitudes that Make you the Most Attractive Women on the Planet

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Be desired is one of the most subtle pleasures that exists. It’s not true? Yes, admit it: you like it too! And there’s nothing wrong with that. To make you want from the person you like, to be attractive , to emit light and energy in the eyes of those who look at you … All things that sound very good to ours and to your ears. And then it’s a subtle game: to be desired is an exchange between you and the person you want attention from .

Here then are 10 attitudes that will make you wish

  1. You feel safe even water and soap. You don’t need the trick to move around nonchalantly and attract all the looks anyway. Make-up is a plus that you decide to wear only on certain occasions and when you don’t, your natural beauty affects more than any gloss.
  2. You have projects that you are passionate about. Whether they are about work or your hobbies, there is something you can’t stop talking about and that excites you and makes you see the fire inside you. This is something that makes you very, very desirable.
  3. Keep eye contact with the person you like even if you talk to someone else. This does not mean that you chat with your head rotated in the Exorcist style, but that you throw your eye at him with a wink, even if you are not facing each other. An attitude that will make the other person feel the center of attention and that he loves.
  4. You take care of yourself. And you don’t do it for others, but because you like it first and make you safe. And people love this kind of independence .
  5. At home you know your stuff. Do-it-yourself you like and you are absolutely alone. An aspect that can vaguely make the male of the moment feel useless, but that in reality fascinates him to die …
  6. You wear men’s clothes every now and then. Like the tie. Or motorcyclist suits (carrying the bike is another of those typically masculine things that, if done by a woman, interpret a certain imaginary testosteronic …).
  7. You are not afraid of laughing, especially of yourself. Irony and self-irony make you radiate overwhelming energy!
  8. You have an open mind. Sometimes too much and people are attracted to women with whom they can really talk about everything … and maybe even make their eyes open a little.
  9. You are available to get out of your comfort zone. You are a fearless and courageous woman , in short, one who does not say no to certain adventures.
  10. You are yourself. True, outspoken, honest , at the risk of not liking it, but you are like that and no one can tell you how you should change. Whoever admires you, even from a distance, not only accepts you as you are, but is positively impressed.

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