How to Do a Job Interview that Really Works

The tips for making an impression during an interview are not so different from those to shine on a first date. What if you used your courtship tactics to get the job?

How to do a job interview and impress recruiters is not so different from going to a first date with someone you like. Have you ever thought about it? To win the job of your dreams (or capture the attention of an interesting boy) experience is not enough and a well-fed resume: you must know how to do without exaggerating, show yourself for what you are without forgetting to show what you are worth. A challenge that you have to prepare yourself, especially if you are throwing yourself headlong into finding a job after giving a nice twist to your web reputation , doing a nice restyling to your Linkedin profile and obtaining the cognitive interview.

According to Page Personnel , a brand of PageGroup , market leader in the search and selection of qualified employees and young professionals, to impress during an interview you have to put all your courtship tactics into play. The target? Make a good impression in no time and do not succumb to anxiety, show yourself interested but do not overdo it. The head hunters of the group have compiled a list of tips for splitting during the meeting, comparing it with the dynamics that are established during a first romantic date. A healthy mix of tips that will get you straight to get your new dream job !

How to dress for a job interview

Before you attend the interview, study the company and its “style”. Better to adapt your look to the context, rather than overdoing it and being too elegant or too easy. Likewise, since the first impression on these occasions is what counts, you would never present yourself on a first informal date dressed too flashy: the trick is in both cases to look for information on the people you are about to meet before you go to your appointment, work or personal.

How to overcome anxiety from the first interview

Mindfulness , yoga and breathing techniques will be your allies before you dive headlong into a job interview. The trick is channeling stress to be able to use the adrenaline in your favor: if you feel prepared and your skills perfectly fit those required by the company then you have to show yourself conscious without getting caught up in anxiety. These are the same feelings you feel in front of a guy you really like and want to conquer: hurry doesn’t help to establish a relationship!

Being on time for a job interview is the trick to getting noticed

Experts all agree that latecomers are not really the favorites of business leaders: lack of punctuality is one of the bad habits to lose in the office even in the preliminary stages of the interview. Whether it is a romantic engagement or a business meeting, certainly the technique of arriving late to make you “wish” is not a winner. Punctuality (and maybe a bit of advance on the roadmap) are in any case your trump cards.

Safety in yourself is your ally during the interview

Smile, courtesy and spontaneity must be the main ingredients of your chat with the selectors (or with that nice boy you met by chance). But also showing yourself confident of your positions and opinions is a winning weapon: don’t be afraid to say – always with tact and discretion – what you think, always motivating your choices. In the workplace, recruiters appreciate this attitude very much because they demonstrate reliability and listening skills but also a spirit of initiative and proactivity . The same qualities that would not make you look bad during an appointment.

Highlight the strengths (and weaknesses) of the job interview

If you know how much you are worth it will be easier to communicate your qualities to the job interview . Recruiters appreciate the capacity for self-analysis that leads to the elaboration of their own weaknesses. Did you know that these too can give a twist to your interview to get a job ? You can try to turn your shortcomings into elements to work towards to improve is a great way to show you eager to commit yourself to solve any kind of problem. To hear you ask about your strengths and your faults is a highly probable situation both in a work context and during an appointment: do not burn the opportunity to show who you are by responding in a less sincere way!


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