How to Accept Yourself: 7 Steps to Healing Your Self Image

We all have problems from time to time to love ourselves. This is completely normal.

It becomes difficult, however, if the inner critic makes you more often than you like and you just do not like …

Especially in those moments, it is important that we remember how valuable we are.

But since it’s not always that easy, today we share 7 steps with you that you can go to learn how to love and accept yourself more!

Step 1: Practice Self-Confidence

If you do not trust yourself enough, many projects will fail. Subconsciously you bully yourself and therefore do not even try it. Negative thoughts should not be scary on you.

Your thoughts are nothing more than thoughts and exist only in your own head.

A diary can be very helpful in getting rid of your evil thoughts. Often it can help if everything is written down to free your mind for new things.

Step 2: Dust Off Your Own Criticism

As soon as the inner critic speaks out, you will certainly slow yourself down.

Your own critic has only the goal to prevent you from growing. We can handle ourselves if a particular project does not work as desired.

It is not uncommon for us to go to court much less often than other people could.

Try not to criticize yourself anymore, but show more compassion and understanding for yourself.

Step 3: Be Proud Of Yourself

Do not always downgrade your achievements. Even small successes you can be proud and praise yourself. Treat yourself to success and happiness simply.

Reward yourself for your success, for example with a visit to the cinema or a stay in your favorite restaurant.

Step 4: Do not Take Failures too Seriously

You probably know the feeling that you are very hard on yourself in case of failure.

That just pulls you down and is completely unnecessary.

Try to be lenient towards you in the future, even if everything does not work out right away.

If something does not succeed, just try again – without blaming yourself.

As a small support you should imagine what your best friend would advise you in this situation. Or how would you react?

Will you open it or would you also brush it down?

Try to become your own best friend!

Step 5: Smile Your Reflection On The Mirror

A good exercise to advance your self-love is your own smile.

Every day, stand in front of a mirror and give yourself a smile. You’ll probably feel a bit strange at the beginning, but try it over a longer period of time.

A saying goes that a smile can open all the doors.

Your door will also be gradually opened by your smile. After some time, you will even get a better mood.

An honest smile does not work invariably with other people. You too will be able to accept the smile positively.

Step 6: Say no is OK

Do you practice a job that is not fun for you?

Then change that. It makes no sense to impose a job that puts you under daily strain. Money should not be in the foreground.Ask yourself if you would rather be 95 years old, but incredibly rich, or just as old as you are now, but have no money in your account …

You should not let other people, such as your parents, persuade you which job suits you best.

Do not take the career path that your grandfather or father used to be, just to please the family.

Rather, you should learn to represent your own opinion.

Say no if you do not want something. You should not do anything to incriminate you and do you no good. This affects your professional life as well as your private sphere.

Step 7: Find Suitable Hobbies or Sports

Spend your time the way you think fit.

Do you feel like doing sports? Then register today at a sports club or in the gym.

Think about what you enjoy and find a hobby that will enrich your life. Achievements in sports or other hobbies automatically boost your self-confidence .

Do not let your life just pass you by. Rather, always strike exactly the paths that interest you. Also dare to approach new areas.

You want to travel alone or dare a parachute jump? Then dare this step and overcome your limits.

Only if you know yourself correctly, you can love yourself too.

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