8 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Fall in Love with a Virgo Man

Loyal and a perfectionist, you will find it difficult to break into his heart. But commitment and effort are really worth it, but only if you are really motivated. You are?

Get ready to fight a small battle, because if you have fallen in love with a man of the sign of the Vergin and , before entering his heart, you will have to toil like and more than an army. How does the Virgo man show interest? Don’t show it at all and certainly not for lack of affection: simply before you get to trust yourself, you must understand that it’s worth it, get yourself several affinity tests, figure out if you’re serious, and then, eventually, decide whether to jump in history.

Are you ready to take all these steps? Without overcoming these passages the Virgo man will not only be difficult for you, but also risks losing him as a friend. Those born under this sign, as well as their female counterpart, are honest, loyal to the bone and incredibly sincere. You win him over, you become his friend and then (maybe, if you pass the auditions) something more.

Climbing the summit of his heart can be exhausting and believe in the word when we say it really is. Is it worth it? Sure. But you must be ready to face the hard sides of his character, which under the influence of the astral plane often seem to take him from another direction, far from the one you took.

1. His Work (often) Comes First

There are no more tireless workers in the entire Zodiac of people born under the sign of Virgo, so know that you could always come after work, even if he fell in love with you. In the office they spend happy hours and the dedication they put into each project is incredible: do the same for you too it wouldn’t hurt but hey, you’re not his job.

2. The Most Difficult thing is to Make a Breach in his Heart

Before he lets himself go, Virgo makes water pass under the bridges and risks making you go away too, that you find yourself in front of a person who is impossible to conquer. Not so, but the patience you put into scratching your heart is directly proportional to your interest in it.

3. On an Emotional level it is a Fortress

He does not do it out of malice or because he does not care, he simply does not trust: he lives relationships with detachment because he is shy and insecure and these sides of his character are reflected in the story and in the way he behaves with you.

4. He is very Well Prepared for Bed, less so on Feelings

Get ready, because the Virgo man in bed is a bomb. He does not give himself generously (always for that little little problem of trust,) but when he opens up between the sheets he is a master. His perfectionism is reflected in bed because he will give it his all to satisfy you but if you want more you will simply have to wait for him to decide to get out of balance. On the sentiment front the Virgo man is not so open: enjoy it between the sheets, then I would think about the rest.

5. He is a Great Timidone

The main problem of the Virgin Man is his shyness: for this reason he often does not let himself go and hesitates if he has to tell you something important. If you lasso his brain as a friend you already have a small place in his heart but before that with love you have to loosen it with affection and understanding.

6. He is a Mr. Perfettino

Like his female counterpart, Virgo wants everything to run smoothly, possibly as he planned it. Which of course is a born planner and knows how to keep the strings of every project perfectly. His attention to detail is proverbial and you too must re-enter this framework to get his attention. If you are thinking that dealing with such a man is tantamount to taking an exam (of difficult ones) then you are not mistaken.

7. Does not like Head Shots

But if you make them for him, so be it! If you show yourself bold but with intelligence, without attacking him or making him feel too exposed, he will appreciate the courage (which he often does not have).

8. It is a Little Insecure

And it is on everything: on friendships, on professional life but above all on relationships. His main problem is the terror of being disappointed by something or someone, so he doesn’t give his heart easily. If you let it melt with intelligence and patience, you could reach the goal. But if it’s not worth it to you, don’t even start: you risk losing at the start, without the right motivation.

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