6 Things You Should Do for You this 2020

he most important thing is ourselves. And this is not selfish, because in order to help others, you must first help yourself and do things for yourself. I explain myself better: even if you want to give someone money, in the first place you must have made money for yourself, because you can not give what you do not have. And this also applies to happiness. You can not make someone happy if you’re unhappy.

So taking advantage of the fact that we are at the beginning of the year, which is when we make a large list of purposes that for various reasons you do not meet , we will try to at least do these things for you and for anyone else. Only for yourself

6 Things You Must Do for Yourself or for Yourself.


1. Make your Own Happiness a Priority.

For the above mentioned, you must make your needs your highest priority. You must value yourself above anything else.

But beware, at this point some people twist it to give it another meaning. We do not talk about you becoming a “carpe diem” that starts “hitting” everything that smells like a party or a drink because life is two days and you have to enjoy it. Believe me that life is more than two days, and it lasts longer than your body will last with certain excesses.

We simply talk about satisfying your needs so that you are able to satisfy and help those people who are important to you.

2. Get Rid of your Labels.

Divorced, separated, sick, depressed, deranged [Insert here the label you use to flagellarte], and now erase it. We all carry the same label: “Humans”. Although it sounds repetitive, we are not our past and it does not matter what happened yesterday. The only thing that really matters is where we are going today and what we are going to do today to make what we want to achieve happen.

If yesterday they rejected you, you are not that rejection, but everything you can achieve with what you have learned with that rejection. If we want to start a path to the future, we should make light of luggage.

We must familiarize ourselves with the words “Let go”, and by letting go, we must let go also the labels that defined us yesterday. We are going to give us a new definition of ourselves. And if for now you can not think of any, let’s start with “luchador”.

3. Learn to say NO.


I know we all know how to say NO, but let’s apply it. Not to attend those events that we do not want to attend. Not to be in a place that we do not like. Not to please people who if they were lost would not matter at all. And above all, say No to those toxic people who have control over your life.

Remember that the secret of success is to start saying Yes to almost everything (yes to opportunities, yes to collaborations, etc …) and then start saying NO (No to distractions, not to what we lack energy). The same happens in our own life.

4. Start to put Passion into What you Do.

As I have already explained in different videos and articles, if you can not devote yourself to what you are passionate about, try to be passionate about what you do, because if you do not achieve that, it will be difficult for you to dedicate yourself to your passion one day. And this is complex to explain, which I promise to do.

I suppose you will already know the enormous difference between empty fatigue and gratifying fatigue. One ends with you, while the other renews you.

For those who wonder what is the secret to find your passion, the truth is that I have never been served the thousands of cliche tips I heard. So here I summarized what in my personal experience I think is the best way to find your passion. Hope this can help you.

5. Forgive yourself for your Bad Decisions.

I must repeat this point, but even good people can harm someone at some given moment in their life due to a bad action or bad decision. You can not carry that guilt all your life. We all make mistakes. You too. Ask for forgiveness to whom you have to ask for it, ask yourself for forgiveness and release the load. Do not let that define you more time than necessary.

6. Forgive Someone


Only to people who have a clear intention to change and improve. This is not a spiritual message or anything like that. It is simply that on many occasions I have witnessed how people of great value never received a second chance because of a difficult past. If someone had believed in these people, they probably would have had the opportunity to change, to get rid of those labels.

In the same way that we would not like to be remembered for a bad act, when we see an intention to change, forgiveness is the wisest thing, but, but, but …

I also do not want you to distort this, because one thing is to forgive and another is to give that second bullet to a person because the first did not kill us . At least in my case when someone has crossed those lines that I warned him never to happen, I can forgive his actions, but already far from me.

Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. It means that you accept what happened and move forward with your life.

They are small changes that we must make in our life, small changes in our way of thinking. Small actions that can have big changes in our life. A small beginning for this 2020.

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