6 Simple Steps to Love Yourself More

Nobody on the planet is like you anymore. Only you possess this combination of physical traits, personality, talents.

For centuries, Western society has seized self-love as a subtle form of self. Self-love – not to be confused with the ego’s obsession with oneself and treading on corpses – is our natural state of being. And that’s because the energy that makes up the Universe, including you and me, is love. Here are steps to remember this and to love yourself.

1. Become aware of your uniqueness and beauty.

Nobody on the planet is like you anymore. Only you possess this combination of physical traits, personality, talents. Acknowledge them and embrace them instead of constantly criticizing them for not being exactly what others would like them to be or not looking exactly like the model on the cover of the magazine.

2. Accept yourself completely .

Yes, it’s hard, I know. It’s hard to forget what your parents told you as a child or to ignore what your mirror looks like and you don’t like it. But not impossible. Debbie Ford said that every quality of character we hate hates quality. Any body or face that is well-groomed and healthy is beautiful. So look at yourself in the mirror and tell every part of your body that you love it until you feel it. Make a list of your character traits that you are proud of and one that you are ashamed of. Discover their cause and gift.

3. Make a list of your accomplishments.

Often, the voice of the inner critic is so strong that it makes us forget about what comes out of us. Maybe we have the courage to follow our dream or learn something new or win a prize. But we forget about it when something pushes our buttons and makes us feel that we are not good enough.

4. Recapture the light within you.

Somewhere inside you there is a strong light. It is your talent, your good, courageous, loving, infinite nature. It’s who you really are. Nurture this nature by doing what you like and not letting a day pass without doing an act of kindness even to a stranger. Show your care for your loved ones.


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