6 Short Stories That Will Make You Reflect and Change Your Way Of Thinking

This is a selection of short stories, some of them in the form of metaphors, that can help us change our way of thinking and make us reflect. Others are real stories. They are not random stories, and I think they can be really useful.

1. The Force Of an Elephant.


Zookeepers often tie adult elephants with a metal chain to a thin wooden stake driven into the ground. The elephant, with its 5 tons of weight could escape without effort. I could break the chain or pull the stake out of the ground. The elephant is the most powerful land animal in the world. I could uproot a tree with the same ease that we bend a toothpick.

But the elephant is caught in that thin chain, and will not even try to escape. Why does this happen? Because when the elephant was a baby, the tamers used the same methods. At that moment, a chain and a simple stake on the ground could hold the elephant and prevent it from escaping no matter how hard it tried.

The elephant assumed that it was impossible to escape. It was impossible to break the chain that bound him. When the elephant now sees that chain, remember what he learned as a baby. That he can not escape. It is not true that I can not escape today, but it does not matter whether it is true or not. It matters what he believes.

Throughout our lives, we have learned a lot about the environment in which we grew up. If our environment has taught us that we are tied to certain chains, no matter how much potential we have, we will never decide to try to break those chains. In our lives, those elephant chains represent our self-limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Often, past experiences, such as rejections, failures or traumatic experiences, place a chain. Although we have the necessary potential to fly, because we have grown or we have acquired new experiences, if you are not able to get rid of all kinds of chains that no longer bind you, you will live tied for the rest of your life.

2.Story About Happiness.


Some time ago I met a girl and started a relationship with her. I tried my best to please her and make her happy, but nothing she did seemed to be enough. Even though I was giving myself 100%, I did not get this person to be comfortable. She never felt grateful for everything I gave her. I had everything to be happy, but simply, I was not happy. That relationship ended and in one of the worst moments of my life I met another person. With this other person I could not have the same availability. It arrived in the middle of my chaos, and by chaos we will understand only in my case, a life somewhat disordered by some things that escaped my control, but she simply thanked my presence. We were missing many things, but she was happy.

That day I understood that the happiness of others does not depend on us. That is, you can not make a person happy who is programmed to be unhappy. I think there is an expression that defines it quite well: you do not have to give pearls to pigs.

Happiness does not depend on third parties. It depends on an emotional state in which we already live and our willingness to share happiness with other people. That is, people should feel happily complete, and share that happiness with another person that adds value to their life. A person can only share what they already have or what they have left. If you are a happy and happy person, you will share. If you are burdened with unhappiness, you will share.

3. Victim Of your Circumstances or Owner Of Your Choices?

There was a man who was an alcoholic, a drug addict and a thief. during a robbery to a store, he shot the clerk. He was arrested and placed in prison on charges of murder. This man had two children before entering prison.

30 years later, Tony Robbins went to interview the two sons of this man already converted into men.

One of them had followed the path in his father’s life. He became an alcoholic, a drug addict and ended up stealing in order to pay for his addictions. He also ended up in jail.

The other had married and had a great family. In addition, he had become a successful entrepreneur.

Tony Robbins asked the same question to both children. The question was:

How did you manage to end up like this? And the funny thing is that both gave exactly the same answer: With the father I’ve had, what did you expect?

That is to say, the one who ended up following in his father’s footsteps, used his past to become a victim of his circumstances. How did you expect me to end up with the father I’ve had?

Meanwhile, the other son, by saying “How do you expect me to end up with the father I’ve had?” Used his father’s past to turn him into something he did not want to resemble. First of all, he knew that the past could not change it. But he knew that he could be the owner of his choices.

It never hurts to remember that we can not change our past, but we can all start taking control of our lives, just waking you up one day and starting to do things differently than you were doing.

4. The Secret Of Happiness.

There was a child who did not like to study, but he tried hard thinking that when he finished studying he could do many things that he could not do right now and be able to be happy. He finished studying, but he was not happy because he did not have a job. Then he thought he would be happy when he found work. He ended up finding a job, but he did not feel happy at work. Nor did he earn much money in that job, so he remained unhappy.

He paid for that unhappiness with his surroundings, he was almost always pissed off because he did not like the kind of life he was leading. This person wanted to earn more money to do more things and be happier. He got a better job and started earning more money. And everything went well, but only for a while. He felt alone. He thought that if he found a person, he would be happier.

He found that person, and everything went well. At least for a while. He always needed more than he had and it did not seem like anything could please him after some time of having him. For him, happiness was always in the things he lacked.

One day he died suddenly. Once in heaven, he was able to meet with his creator and asked him for explanations about why, despite having been looking for his happiness all his life, he never found it. The creator replied:

Yes, you had happiness. In fact, happiness was found in all those things, in all those people and in all those moments that you missed while you were looking for happiness.

And is that as we always say, happiness is not a goal to be pursued, but the fuel that will take you to that goal. It is not something that has to be pursued. It is an emotional state in which you live and that begins with a starting point: being grateful with what you have, and starting to build from there.

Happiness is first of all to have a purpose that makes you jump out of bed every day with energy and vitality. That can only be achieved by a person who always has goals and dreams to achieve.

5. Life is Like Chess.

Chess is a strategy game that can not be won by just moving forward. Sometimes, to position ourselves better, we must go back.


And this reminds me that on many occasions we can get depressed because we receive a setback in life that makes us retreat. As in chess, in life, we can win by going around in the form of a “u”.

There is a huge difference between surrendering and starting over again. In fact, in many cases it is necessary to turn back, abandon something, let something go, to position yourself better and move forward again.

And we finish with this last metaphor that probably already you know, but that it is not of more to repeat it and to remember it.

6. The Weight Of The Glass.


A teacher during a class held a glass and asked his students what the weight of the glass was. The students tried to calculate the weight of that glass. The professor replied:

The passage of the glass is indifferent. If I hold this glass for a few seconds, the glass will weigh little. If I hold it for hours, the weight of the glass will make my arm hurt. If I hold it for days, it could have serious consequences on the arm.

In any case, the absolute weight of the glass does not vary. Is the same. But the time I hold it can change the perception of its weight.

Your worries, frustrations, disappointments and negative and stressful thoughts are like that glass. Think of them for a while and nothing drastic will happen. Think of them for a longer time, and you will begin to feel noticeable pain. Think about it at every moment and you will cause problems.

When you feel that the glass is too heavy, let it fall.

This reminds me of an old saying: “If when they tell you a joke you laugh, and when they tell you 100 times the same joke is not funny anymore, why can you get depressed over the same worry over and over again without getting tired? Think about it.

Well, I know that for many this is just some stories that you read and already, but I have selected them because if you think about them, and think again incorporating them into your life, they can undoubtedly cause real changes in your way of perceiving life, problems and happiness.

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