6 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Fall in Love With a Libra Man

Lethargic, incapable of deciding and a lover of comfort zones. If you need a man to give you an energy boost, Siri helps you more. The Libra man is still a guy who cares about his balance.

Are you also risking ending up on the plate … of a Libra (man) ? Get ready to experience strong emotions, because the balance story is true, but it also has a lot of dark sides and you will have to manage them all, since men balance if there is one thing they know how to do very well is to delegate the decisions to others, so they do not break down and simply remove the dust (from the nuisance) from the jacket.

Who was born under this sign of air gives to the first impact a lot of satisfactions, but as soon as you try to deepen the relationship, you discover that behind their apparent balance, their jovial sociability, their cautious detachment, there are very worlds of laziness more expanded than you would have imagined. The Libra man, in fact, if he were an animal he would be a placid cat, who loves to be curled up on the sofa, has no intention of moving a vibrissa and loves to be pampered, without being disturbed too much. This, however, is only the beginning, because of reasons why you should NEVER fall in love with a Libra man there are at least 6 of them.

1. It is lethargic … in all seasons

The much vaunted balance of the Libra man is only a facade that he builds with his ability in words. The truth is that it is more lazy than a lethargy rate. In other words: it is not exactly a bomb of energy and, if you hope to have someone who takes initiative and guides you towards exciting experiences, well, turn to another sign. He, for this kind of commitments, did not set the alarm, and “man of the world” is not exactly the definition that best describes him.

2. He is sociable, but only if he does not feel too disturbed

The Libra man is known for his ability to stand among people and attract them with his own magnetism. He is a type who speaks well, always has conversation topics, has the elegant grace of someone who makes you feel at ease. Be careful, though: if there is one thing that is very sensitive to it is its freedom of action. Even if he gives you confidence, he is actually polishing his ego and does not like someone crossing the invisible boundaries he has set. If you try, you will see it lost on the horizon and never return. He will leave in an imperceptible way, because he is a balanced one and, above all, he does not like discussions. So, yes, even if it does not seem, it is very selective: you just don’t know it. The good thing is that if he falls in love with you, he really falls in love.

3. Does not make a decision even if it is balanced on a wire 100 meters high

This is the direct consequence of point 1, which is lazy, + point 2, which means that he does not like to be disturbed. The Libra man is not exactly a chronic undecided, he simply does not like having to spend himself in efforts that he considers inappropriate: like choosing between different possibilities. Moreover, for that story of sociability, he is keen to make it clear that he does not like to fall into balance and his needle always points to the center. So please everyone, and continue to be loved with pure and unconditional love. Call him if you want … Paraculo.

4. It is a rubber wall

Always for that unbalanced story, he is lazy and loves to show how he can handle situations well, Libra is not exactly the best person to discuss. Indeed, the Libra man, if he smells of discussion, takes flight. It’s the only thing he does quickly, in spite of that history of laziness. In case you try to trap him in a fight, you will find yourself facing the first human case of a rubber wall: you will scold him and he will deny it. The strength of his quarrels is all in a mantra “deny-deny-and deny again”.

5. Comfort zone is the most exciting place you go to

The Libra man is a type who loves habits, like cats, and needs to create spaces for relaxation in which nobody is involved. He is there and then … he. He does not venture into unknown routes, he is always hesitant on journeys and always ensures that there are all the comforts he needs. In short, adventure, a sense of risk and adrenaline are not exactly the key words to make it your own. Rather. On that it makes you build its spaces of freedom, you simply don’t have to involve it. Clear agreements long friendship.

6. To charge it with energy, you need to double yours

If you have a moment of energy down and you would like him to take the initiative and manage the situation for you, know that you have asked the wrong person. Siri could help you more. He loves to juggle all kinds of experiences, but he does it only because he can’t say no to anyone. On the other hand, even if his movements will be kept to a minimum, he always knows how to attract you to his canvas with his undeniable charm. In the end you will also love the comfort zone, especially if he is the one in the middle.

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