4 Tricks To Keep Your Focus

Success stories have one thing in common: focus. When we focus with all our being on our goal, the universe unconditionally supports us. Here are four tricks to keep your focus.

1. Choose one, maximum two major goals. The day has a finite number of hours and you have a finite amount of energy at a given time. Therefore, the more you try to do more things at the same time, the less energy you can allocate to a specific goal. Make a list of your goals, choose the most important (or the two most important).

2. Avoid distractions (and distractions). Once you have identified the main goal, focus 80% of your energy and attention in that direction and only 20% towards the rest. Make sure you don’t get distracted and don’t spend more time on things that are not important to you, your soul and purpose. Otherwise, you will only have to take time and feel extremely guilty towards yourself because. even if you have decided something, you continue to act as before.3. Don’t expect to get spectacular results by acting mediocre. To act mediocre means to put beyond your purpose the satisfaction of a momentary pleasure. Yes, maybe the weather is great this weekend, but so will it be over a month. Maybe your girlfriend spends her weekend at the SPA but how about you get to spend a whole week at the SPA anytime you want? The people who achieve results dedicate their bodies and souls to their passion. If you have decided that now is the time to build something extraordinary in your life, focus on this and let others live in the conventional way.

4. Take daily steps toward your goal or goal. Not only will you get the desired results faster but you will get into a certain rhythm and create a certain wave of positive and dynamic energy that will help you move forward easily. Add to this the increased enthusiasm and self-confidence due to the fact that you respect your commitment to yourself.


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