4 Crazy Ways to Let Life go Around Us and How to Eliminate it Definitely

Did you find them yourself?

1. Let life pass by us by focusing on the things that distract us

Distractions are more harmful and more tempting than we realize. The reason why we fill our lives with things that distract us from what is really important is quite simple: we are scared of what really happens in our lives. That is why we should not let the distractions hold us back and prevent us from living the way we want.

What we have to do: We have to form a ritual, a habit – every 30 minutes we take a short break from everything we do to take a deep breath and relax for 10 seconds. Taking this break in time we understand when we lose ourselves again in distractions.

2. We let life pass us by leaving us overwhelmed by what is happening around us

If we have too many things to do in a day, we can feel tired, hopeless, helpless. “How can I do everything in one day?” – we often ask ourselves.

We are all overwhelmed from time to time with everything that happens around us.

What we have to do : Instead of thinking that there is too much to do, we change the situation and ask ourselves “What if I only focus on the things that matter?”. And we try to get on without doing any more excuses and wasting time.3. We let life pass by us being constantly indecisive

Many times we do not know what to do next. Often, this kind of indecision leads to nothing good. On the contrary, it leads to a desire to give up.

What we have to do: we make a choice based on the decisions we have at our disposal, listening to our intuition. Then we take immediate action to see how it works. The result is always the same: either we make progress or we make a mistake from which we have something to learn to make progress.

4. Let life pass us by, fearing failure

Fear of failure can control our minds. It can turn us into confused, fearful people, who choose to stay in that warm and comfortable place for a lifetime.

What we have to do : We remind ourselves momentarily that dreams must be fulfilled. No one can keep us away from the success we deserve. Failure is not the worst outcome; living a life dictated by others without trying to do what you love is the worst outcome.


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