3 Tricks to Make it More Attractive

Whether it is personal or professional life, some women seem to have a “come-and-go” that causes others to pray around them and seek their company. By implementing the three tricks below you can become one of these women.

1. Look at your partner in the eye

The most attractive thing in the world for people is self-confidence. One of the most powerful ways to show that you trust yourself is to look people in the eye when you talk to them.

And that’s because our eyes are always empty. Most people try to hide their true feelings and try to look like they are not. They feel ashamed of what they feel inside them.

When you look at someone directly in their eyes, you show self-confidence, but also strength of character. You show that you feel good in your skin and that you don’t care what others think about you.

2. Speak the name of the caller as often as you can

Do you know the most beautiful sound for any person? That of their name. This is one of the first words we hear after we are born. Our name is present in all our memories.

This is the word that the people we trust and love the most use it daily when we grow up. Use this to your benefit and whenever you talk to someone, tell them your name.You will see their eyes light up with joy. Moreover, they will begin to associate a series of positive experiences with your person. Be careful not to overdo it though.

3. Provides positive energy

One of the most attractive things for anyone, despite what we are told, is a combination of positive energy and joy

Fame, wealth and social status are associated with these, which pushes people to hunt constantly. And that’s because most people don’t realize that positivity and joy can be generated from within.

If you can make others feel good in their element, your power of attraction will increase.


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