3 Reasons Why Single Women are the Best

Do you get depressed when you don’t have a boyfriend? Read here and prepare to change your point of view!

Maybe they already told you and they still tell you. But you don’t believe it. Because the pro-couple pressures (even if often veiled, thin, indirect) seem to you continuous. From friends, family, cinema, even advertising. So it seems normal to think that you can be happy only and exclusively with a husband, a boyfriend, a lover, at worst even a friend with benefit: as long as not alone.

The consequence is that you experience the periods of singletudine as a divine punishment, to be overcome as soon as possible.

Here it is: it’s time to change perspective. Anyone who is seriously depressed just because they are not in a relationship is focusing on the wrong things. Losing an opportunity (of life and growth). Instead of living your singletudine by sticking to Tinder or operating the “single-men detector” every time you set foot in a club, try to relax. Successful single women enjoy their time alone because they tune in to what matters most during this time: themselves.

Taking the time to try out a new activity, make new friends, travel: that’s what being single is for. To devote yourself to the things you want to do, before entering into a relationship again.

So, instead of going through this moment of independence at the speed of light, hoping that it ends as soon as possible, try to explore it calmly. In the long run it will be worth it for these three reasons:

1. You will not throw yourself into a new relationship driven by despair

If you assume that life is valid only if lived as a couple, it will be inevitable that you want to get out of what seems like a curse (the singletudine, in fact) as quickly as possible. Consequently: you will be less selective and in order to have a “he” you will compromise with yourself. If instead you will be happy as a single person, you will be able to take your time before starting a new story, learning to know the person you are interested in and clearly stating your desires and needs,thus managing to set the report on healthy communication.

2. You will learn to know your value and you will be more sure of yourself

Do you know the worst thing about making your value depend on others? That when the “others” are gone (for example, because they leave us or we leave them), we completely lose the sense of us. But if you learn to know your value and find love within yourself, you will be better, you will understand that you are worthy of others and your sense of security and love for yourself will also expand outside.

3. You will be a more fun person

Think of a happy single you know. Then think of a friend who has always been a couple. Which one do you enjoy the most with? The first, of course! Because having time to meet new people and have unusual experiences means having a more interesting life and more things to tell.


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