13 Quick Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Mood


Yes, maybe when you don’t have the cycle. Because being in a good mood is not so easy and, in fact, as the famous phrase of Voltaire says, courage is needed. Do you know that there are foods that can improve mood ? In short, it is possible to have a high mood, but it also takes some effort on your part. The good thing, though, is that good humor is contagious , so surround yourself with joyful people and give some of your joy to others.

Here are 13 Ways to Dramatically improve Your Mood

Presente Do you see facial gymnastics, the one that employs a certain number of small facial muscles to lift your lips into a smile ? Try it, don’t get discouraged, at most you might get some lactic acid. Nothing you can’t dispose of by continuing to train.

😄 Magnesium. In the doses recommended by a doctor or a pharmacist, it works wonders, especially in hormonal periods no.

😄 Treat your sleep. If you are rested, good humor will come by itself.

😄 #Stikazzi is a beautiful word : it allows you to download all the negativity in a hidden corner of the space around you, one of those that you no longer look at. And you can practice better in point 1.

😄 The sun helps : look for it, go out, breathe it. Of course, when it rains it is difficult, but there is also a positive side to the rain: finding a welcoming refuge. And if you don’t find it, create it in your image and likeness.

😄 Chocolate = serotonin . This does not mean becoming all flesh and pimples, but if you give yourself a bit of bitter cocoa or dark chocolate every day, plus some substantial sweets once a week, you do not make a penny of damage and do not ruin your correct diet. Rather.

😄 Give yourself breaks and cuddles. In the end it is for those that we face everyday difficulties. If you think of those, all the purgatory in between will suddenly turn pink.

😄 And speaking of pink, surround yourself with beautiful things and positive , vitaminic, energetic colors . The warm ones are perfect (yellow, orange, red). Or the colds relax (blue, purple, blue). And of course don’t forget the green hope.

😄 Surround yourself with beautiful people . May they have your values, the good humor that you sometimes miss, your own desire to bite the world, your enthusiasm and your vision of things. The energy that flows between people is the basis of everything: look for it and you will find those that will make you feel good. And you will therefore understand who the toxic ones are to eliminate.

😄 You can’t control others. You can’t check the events. So there is nothing certain about which you can base your good humor. But you can learn to manage your reactions to the outside world : on this you can build your smile.

😄 If you feed your self-esteem , good humor will come by itself.

😄 Spend as much time as possible to the things you really want and really like . Relegate the rest to that part of the world where you put all your duties.

😄 Find yourself . It is not a Buddhist monk’s phrase (that is, yes, but it does not matter), but it is the only way to always have a smile around the corner: what makes you feel good will always be with you, if you really understand who you are. So never stop looking for yourself!

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