101 Things to Do by The End Of The Summer

Whether you still have to go on vacation or have already returned to the office, summer is still here and before it ends, because let’s face it, autumn is around the corner, here are 101 beautiful things to do

The things to do with friends in summer are many, very many. Above all there are fun things to do in the company before the summer ends.

We know that in the summer the desire for extreme things to do takes over and an afternoon with friends can become a truly unique experience.

Let yourself go to what your desire for fun advises you, but, if you believe, it also organizes new things to do to make summer relaxation more sparkling and fun.

You can start with crazy pictures to do , for example, or maybe something romantic with your boyfriend: a love escape to a place you’ve always dreamed of.

You certainly do not miss the initiative for what to do in the summer: we offer you some (as many as 101!) To stimulate your imagination.

Put into practice what you like best, or even all of them, and make your own list of what to do on vacation before the summer ends. Let the fun be with you!


1. Make selfies as works of art .

2. Plan a romantic getaway with your boyfriend by the end of September.

3. And schedule another with friends.

4. Go to one of the summer festivals in August or September .

5. Think about the goals of the next holidays .

6. Review the complete series of The House of Cards and Riverdale on Netflix. But don’t miss the Strangers Things 3 release on July 4th.

7. Start a course in English or another language.

8. Watch the new Bonding and Chernobyl TV series .

9. Sleep under the stars.

10. Take a bath and find the energy in the water with the exercise that Cosmo suggests .

Take a bath and find the energy

11. Color the emerald hair before cutting it .

12. Disconnect from your smartphone for at least a full day .

13. Kiss your man by playing the 14 different types of kisses .

14. Invite to the aperitif the type you like and that seems undecided.

15. Drop the guy who didn’t understand your explicit signals .

16. Find a new sex position that you will experience throughout the year.

17 . Make the popsicles in the prosecc o and offer them to the umbrella neighbors.

18. Define the running program for the next 4 months.

19. Download the definitive app to organize your life.

20. Sleeping naked . Because it is good for you to sleep in contact with the sheets

21. Cycling along country routes you don’t know.

22. Sleep in a hammock.

23. Make a temporary gold or henna tattoo .

24 . Download the fashion apps to anticipate the purchase of autumn trends.

25 . Read one of the books suggested by Cosmo (or all!).

26. Walking barefoot on a lawn.

27. Climb up a tree .

28. Abolish the costume test forever .

29. Look at the photos posted on Instagram to relive the summer before it ends.

30. Document the end of your summer on IG stories .

31. Learn to make (and then eat) unicorn chocolate.

32. Try the trendiest summer cocktails of champagne and sparkling wine .

33. Take a picnic.

34. Draw flamingos on nails following the #flamingonails mania.

35. Watch the sunset near a lighthouse.

36. Wake up at dawn to walk on the beach.

37. Record the sound of the waves and listen to them in winter.

38. Choose the hot list for your summer to make it unforgettable and listen to it again whenever you want.

39. Make your summer box for the summer where you can collect the best memories of these months.

40. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel.

41. Go out one evening with the blue or pink wig.

42. Break all the rules you haven’t broken yet at 20 . (It doesn’t matter if you have almost 30).

43. Train yourself with the rope.

44. Stop feeling guilty. And if you need a little help you can try bach flowers.

45. Build your diet based on the foods that make you happy.

46. ​​Make the list of wishes to be implemented for the next three months.

47. enjoy the here and or to a day at the beach, a swim in the lake, a mountain walk without thinking about the future.

48. Don’t think about the mistakes of the past anymore.

49. Get yourself a lemonade when things go wrong . Time to drink and they will pass.

50. Stop counting calories.

51. Review the autumn-winter shows to decide what you will wear.

52. Write your secret on the sand.

53. Choose the word that will represent you in the new year .

54. Check the wishes you wanted to make during the year and see which ones you still want to make.

55. Celebrate the successes you have achieved to date.

56. Organize a late summer party .

57. Do something for no reason.

58. Get bored. This stimulates creativity .

59. Take a case full of colors , a sketchbook and let your imagination run wild.

60. Mix summer and autumn clothes to learn new combinations.

61. Pack yourself at a beach party of complete strangers to meet new people.

62. Review a great summer classic like Roman Holiday , Dirty Dancing, Grease .

63. Discover an unknown beach.

64. Organize a weekend in London to touch and self-experience in these super instagrammable bathrooms .

65. Do something that requires courage.

66. Organize a barbecue.

67. Rent a skate.

68. Take a horse ride.

69. Spend an afternoon playing with your brothers, sisters and cousins.

70. Help your grandmother prepare homemade pasta.

71. Water the garden or balcony plants.

72. Consume all the summer offer of your smartphone.

73. Outdoor dining with the whole family.

74. Call a childhood friend you would like to see again.

75. Observe the evolution of clouds.

76. Flying a kite.

77. Surf with the paddle .

78. Make a panoramic video of the holidays at 360 degrees.

79. Stand in silence under a tree listening to the sounds of nature.

80 . Good and healthy centrifuged drinks and smoothies .

81. Write on the leaflets the words that evoke the life you are living in these months and keep them in a chasm to be re-opened in a few months.

82 . Wear the shirt in a new way .

83. Prolong the slow vacancies and for as long as possible.

84. Feel the scent of flowers.

85. Ask yourself if you are happy.

86. Make up the eyes with the neon eyeliner .

87. Review the cartoos n that you loved as a child.

88. Watch the holiday photos from when you were little.

89. Collect wildflowers.

90. Lie on the grass.

91. Read love poems .

92. Try a new sport never done before .

93. Spend a day at the water park. 

94. Observe the flight of a butterfly.

95. Observe all the nuances of the sea.

96. Making a sand castle.

97. Get you a selfie posing as a costume diva. Type the #flamingopose Kendall Jenner .

98. Eat as many ice creams as possible.

99 . Wear a flower crown .

100. Let the wind caress you.

101. Walking in the rain during a summer storm.


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