10 Ways to Make an Aquarius Understand that You Love Him

Has the love for an Aquarius come? Make them understand how much you care about him with the suggestions of our Cosmo Astrology. You will not need many words.

1. It is not at all an easy or predictable type. On the contrary, it tends to react in an original way, especially when it realizes that it has entered a very normal, obvious dimension. Always amaze him a little, he needs it.

2. Although he is not too demanding, he loves to feel that he is the exact center of your thoughts. Always treat it with respect and attention, never neglect it truly or for too long.

3. If you’re kind to another, don’t be jealous. Because he needs to believe that he is free, because the concept of possessiveness really does not belong to him. He wouldn’t understand your disappointment.

4. He often loves to live on cerebral eroticism, imagining situations and contexts capable of igniting his passion (a bit discontinuous). It is not impossible that he proposes an erotic but friendly relationship, his love-architecture is very open.

5. At the right time he can be sweet, tender and very romantic. Moments that will surely capture you and enchant you thanks to its extreme sensitivity. Show him that you enjoyed his cuddles.

6. Never neglect his love for ideals, for fairness, for justice and a sense of responsibility. Avoid phrases like “who cares”, because for him the world is a place to always take care of. How can you blame him?

7. He lives a small complex of intellectual superiority that convinces him of being a little genius. In other words, it is better to respect his ideas and his proposals,because he is truly convinced that he is right.

8. Accepts his eccentricity that sometimes shows with a particular look, with strange accessories or little suited to the situation. It is in fact a way to give shape to its congenital originality. If you overdo it, point it out to him gently.

9. His passion is absolutely discontinuous and unpredictable. In short, could you suggest to do it in the strangest places or in the less suitable situations. You show him that you know how to play, that you like to challenge reality.

10. If you want to make him happy, give him something very technological or practical. He lives a true veneration for every futuristic or design object (possibly high tech). He also loves the combinations of ancient and modern.

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