10 Ways to Make a Sagittarius Understand that You Love Him

Is your Mr. Right Sagittarius? Discover its features and show it how much you love it with the advice of our Cosmo Astrology

1. He is always torn between the desire to have fun and that of growing up, of thinking. Follow him wherever he takes you, because he knows how to be a great traveler.

2. He loves amorous adventures, intended as an exploration of his sexual component, but, often, everything ends in the mind. There is no need to be too jealous.

3. Never endanger your spirit of independence. Instead, do so that you can always feel free to do and move, without placing too many prohibitions on your ideas or initiatives.

4. He lives a heated sex (it is a sign of fire) but a little distracted and discontinuous. If he does not go full steam in bed, it is not because there is another. Give him time to rediscover his passion.

5. He loves to reflect and think, venturing into deep and committed discussions. Something that, from time to time, you will have to give him, showing some interest.

6. Friends and socializing are certainly important energies for him. Try to build a special feeling with the people you care about, let them spend time alone with them.

7. He will take care of you because he considers you important. Perhaps he will not always do it the way you would like, but remember that for him the relationship is fundamental.

8. Remember that his trust is sacred. He trusts everyone, especially you, so your betrayal would be lived as a tragedy hardly forgivable.

9. Jupiter makes him deeply optimistic and dreamer. You can and you will have to remind him of the harsh reality without castrating any idea or initiative. He needs to hear constructive people around him.

10. Travel is something you can’t say no to. Learn to love the great distances, the antipodes holidays, daring groups and extreme situations. With him it will be beautiful.

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