10 Ways to Make a Capricorn Understand that You Love Him

Was he born under the sign of Capricorn? To conquer it definitively you don’t need many words. Follow the advice of our Cosmo Astrology to point straight to his heart

1. He is a type who moves with long times (almost biblical) because Saturn never hurries him. In short, get ready for a slow but solid courtship, where he will study your every move to be really sure you’re the right girl for him.

2. Once chosen, you will really be something important to him. In short, if you think you don’t want to start a demanding relationship, then let it go. You will avoid disappointment.

3. He demonstrates his feelings in a logical and concrete way. Better to say goodbye to the explosions of love, to the messages all honey, to the phone calls in the middle of the night to tell you that he misses you. This is not part of his DNA.

4. Don’t be fooled by his serious and composed look. Because behind all this rationality hides such a passion as to be worth the appellative of “boiling ice”. As for sexual involvement you will be surprised.

5. It is certainly not one who is easily discouraged or changes his mind too often. Don’t always question your choices, because it’s something you really don’t like. He will hardly admit that you are right, that he was wrong.

6. With him you will always have a person attentive to your career, to your growth and professional affirmation. Because he believes it is important to have a person at his side who is capable of investing himself in the commitment. And it will help you do it.

7. Never put yourself in direct competition with the profession. He lives a sense of duty that puts the office in front of everything. And he does not like those who point out that he spends too much time at work.

8. His is a subtle shyness that makes him allergic to all excesses. When you go out with him you give way to a little noisy, tasteful yet sober look. The same applies to your attitudes in public, because he fears the judgment of others.

9. If you have strange ideas or want to take a slightly bizarre initiative, don’t count on him. In fact, his rationality leads him to be wary of almost everything that is not normal, which goes beyond the simplest, immediate things. It will discourage you in every way.

10. Do you want to get something you like from him? Simple, make it seem like you have an objective need for it. Because the things that have to do only and only with pleasure never convince him too much.

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